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  • Shamoria “Mori” Johnson

Introducing Shamoria “Mori” Johnson

Welcome to the Team, Shamoria “Mori” Johnson! Mori is one of our newest Journalists who is excited to bring you various stories across our Diaspora.


I am Shamoria “Mori” Johnson, a first-year English major at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. I am excited to be joining The Black Agenda’s team of journalists as it has always been a passion of mine to not only write, but write about Black-centric themes.

Growing up, as an avid reader with a love for literature, I always felt underrepresented in the media whether that be books, movies, tv, even in the news. As I began to hone my skills as a writer and create my own pieces of work, I vowed to write for the little Black girl in me that craved a character that looked like her, or for the issues she has to deal with to at least be addressed.

I am currently working on a fantasy novel, Mystics (Sera Fox, a queer black girl with fire powers, has to travel across the kingdom to find other hidden Mystics to fulfill a prophecy and unlock magic.), that I hope to be completed and begin editing/publishing by the end of this year.

Through The Black Agenda, I hope to expand my horizons from purely fictional writing to include a journalist's perspective. I imagine my works will mainly consist of topics relating to Afrodiasporic Literature/Film/Music, Black Women, Black LGBTQ+, Education, and Pop Culture. Conversations regarding Black artists of all sorts such as musicians, painters, writers, etc will be had as a goal of mine this year is to consume more media created by members of my community.

I’m looking forward to producing some fun and interesting articles this coming season :)

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