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  • Shamoria “Mori” Johnson

Spring Cleaning for the Body and Soul

As Spring approaches and many partake in the tradition of spring cleaning to clean their homes after a possibly long, isolating winter, it is important to cleanse your mental space along with your physical one. Here are a few tips on how to reset your mind for the upcoming season.

The tradition of spring cleaning goes back for centuries and originally began from the major cleaning of soot and grime that covered every room from the amount of wood, coal, or kerosine used during the cold; to properly clean the home, the windows had to be opened to let the soot out, which could only be done in spring. But just as your house needs a cleanse, so does your mind. Winter can be a lonely, cold, and draining couple of months, especially if you have a mental illness or lack a traditional family.

Whether you have a case of the winter blues or just need a good mental refresh, try adding some of these into your own spring cleaning routine. I recommend picking at least one item from each of the three R’s: Relax, Release, then Receive.


  • Take a bubble bath

  • Watch a nostalgic movie/show

  • Do a face mask

  • Paint your nails

  • Get a massage

  • Take a nap

  • Light a candle

  • Meditate for at least five minutes

  • Do 30 minutes of Yoga


  • Write poetry

  • Get a good cry out

  • Paint

  • Journal

  • Try creative writing (a short story)

  • Scream into pillow

  • Play an instrument

  • Dance

  • Sing


  • Watch a documentary

  • Listen to music

  • Follow a guided meditation

  • Read a book

  • Call a friend

  • Treat yourself at a store

  • Take a walk outdoors

  • Listen to a podcast

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