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  • Aidan Gonzalez

Rapper Kodak Black shot in an altercation in West Hollywood Saturday morning

Bill Kapri, better known as rapper Kodak Black, was shot alongside three others in West Hollywood early on Saturday morning according to NBCNews. All four remain in stable condition according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The altercation occurred in front of Nice Guy, a restaurant which according to owner John Terzian, was hosting an after party for Justin Bieber. Footage provided by TMZ shows Kodak Black leaving the establishment with rapper Gunna and a larger group. The group appears to be circled by members of the media.

A fistfight appears to break out near a red car which then moves towards the group. It is then interrupted by gunshots and the crowd scatters. It is unclear as to what started the fistfight, but the LAPD has said that the four victims were shot as they exited the venue.

No arrests have been made following the event.

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