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  • Jada Hill

Love B, The Artist.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’d like to drop this gem here on you. Talented in various art forms, Love B is expressing herself artistically and monetizing from it.

Photo courtesy of Love B via Instagram @mustbe.love_

Taking black artistic excellence to different levels, Love B, the Artist expresses her work through different mediums.

Born in Haiti, but raised in Orlando, FL, Love B has always had a love for art dating back as early as her elementary school years. “That was the only class I was able to express myself in,” said Love. She carried this skill not fully realizing her talent until her senior year of high school. Four years later she would then make a profit from this talent.

“Have you ever imagined something so detailed and chaotic in your mind and bring it to life? That’s what art is like. The satisfaction of doing the non-comparable,” said Love.

Though all of Love B’s pieces hold a very special place in her heart, she says that the Caribbean Kween is her favorite. “A lot of my pieces are sentimental. I’ve painted people who are no longer living. I’ve painted couples on the happiest moments of their lives. There are so many, but I think my favorite is definitely the Caribbean Kween,” said Love. The Caribbean Kween features a woman of the African diaspora with her hair wrapped in a turban that has the flags of Caribbean countries.

Using her art as an escape pushed her to combat her depression and become more vocal about it. “Depression is definitely something a lot of us struggle with and might not want to admit. The more vocal I was about my depression, the more people opened up to me and that helped me branch out and start a business called Painting with Love,” said Love.

From facing her problems head-on to opening up and meeting new people, Love says that her art has placed her in a position of change. “I used to be a complete introvert and standoff-ish but over the years I’ve changed, and I honestly believe it’s because of my art. It forces me to speak and explain some of my pieces,” said Love.

One thing that Love would like for people to take away from not only her artwork but others as well is to “look deeper”. She explains that as an artist, it takes a lot to “show yourself” through your art. “If you see a simple piece, don’t just look at it and think ‘oh this is just a painting of a woman’ look deeper. Pay attention to the colors that were chosen, look at her facial expression, her posture and think about what emotions I could’ve been going through when I painted it,” said Love.

As Love grows as an artist, she takes on different art forms and mediums. In the next five years, we can expect to see a Love B art studio where you can see her work, attend paint sessions, classes, events, and purchase merchandise. Until then you can find and support Love B, the Artist through her Instagram page @loveb.theartist.

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