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  • Jada Hill

Introducing Jada Hill

Welcome to the Team, Jada Hill, one of our newest Journalists for Season 4 who is

excited to write about hidden gems and underdog stories.

Greetings Black Agenda Podcast Fam,

I am Jada A. Hill, a 4th-year broadcast journalism major at Florida A&M University. On-campus, I serve as the President of the Society of Professional Journalists. I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and a staff writer for the Famuan. I'm from Orlando, FL, a mother to an 8-year-old, and a hospitality professional outside of school.

I am due to graduate with my bachelor's in December of this year, and post-graduation I intend to return to Orlando to continue working in hospitality while working on my business centered around photography, videography, production, and postproduction. I love photography, reading, artsy things, and DIY projects.

I am typically a background social justice warrior, meaning that you may not see me at the forefront, but trust that I am doing my part to spread awareness and make changes. The social justice issues that I tend to go the hardest for are racial injustices, homelessness, and food and hunger insecurities. At some point in my life, I have either faced or witnessed first-hand the issues stated above and the effects afterward, so I advocate for it every chance I get.

During my time with the Black Agenda Podcast, I hope to better my networking skills and strengthen my writing skills. I intend to cover stories that speak about the black experience, hidden gems, and smaller topics that I fear may often get overlooked. I look forward to producing articles that you all will love. Feel free to connect with me via Instagram or Twitter @TheFunHill.

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