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  • Shamoria “Mori” Johnson

Creatively Define Art

A poetic answer to the simple yet complicated question of what is art?

how in the world do i Creatively Define Art?

As a writer, i know first hand

the Complexity yet Simplicity in such a command.

Wild emotions manifested into a tangible piece,

to conceptualize your experiences, passions, and such

only for someone to read it and tell you it’s not enough or too much.

Both the process of creating and the product created hold your

Blood, Sweat, and Tears, it’s true what they say

and to think i struggle to define it right away.

I wrote a really bad viral fan fiction as a middle schooler,

but now i’m in college, afraid to write a poem about my favorite thing

standing up here all nervous and fidgeting.

But to withhold my creative definition of art,

the very being of my identity as a writer,

because of fear would be the ultimate blunder.

so, to Creatively Define Art:

every single calculated, deleted, and rewritten line that i hunched over,

perfecting until reading it feels like a cozy day in October.

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