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If you feel passionate about social issues, have expertise in one of the areas below, or just want to learn and gain experience, apply for one of the positions below!


Communications Team

Schedule guests for interviews

Sends out media kit and materials

Public relations and increasing exposure

Content Creation Team

Hosts shows 

Pitch topics, news, and guests to Co-Hosts

Journalism Team

Write news articles 

Conduct interviews

Social Media Team

Develop graphics for social media

Schedule social media posts

Write text for social media posts

Students looking for internship experience in the following careers will gain valuable knowledge:

Social Media Coordinator  |  Digital Marketing Manager  |  Data Analyst  |  Journalist  |  News Anchor 
Graphic Designer  |  Communications Coordinator  |  Lobbying Associate  |  Community Organizer
Podcast Host  |  Executive Assistant


If you are interested in the positions above, please send your resume to We look forward to speaking with you!